Hi! My Name is...

Will the owner of this brain please stand up!

Hi! Welcome to my brainn and it's online storage facility.

I'm Melissa.

I started this blog because I had wayyyyy too many thoughts all demanding centre stage in my head and figured this would be the best way to set them free for the catharsis of myself and the entertainment and thought provokement of others. (that's totally a word, I'm sure of it. Well, pretty sure anyway)

I consider my brain to be a topsy-turvy whimsical rollercoaster ride through a Tim Burton movie, (namely Alice in Wonderland) with dashes of reality, personal anecdotes, pop culture references and general observations about life and its inhabitants. It's going to be a bumpy ride...

By day I'm dreaming about the multitude of different ways I plan to one day take over the world, whilst absolutely killing it as an office extraordinaire and getting edumacated with a BA focusing on Philosophy (future Ph.D come at me!). Otherwise I can be found in my sanctuary escaping reality in one form of entertainment or another, or just gracing my friends and family with my presence.

I hope you enjoy the random ponderings of my brain as much as I enjoy randomly pondering them then putting them into a written form for your reading pleasure.

P.S as part of my bid to eventually take over the world, I've also started a modelling portfolio which can be viewed at www.starnow.com.au/MelissaBlackwood

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Want to collaborate? No hate!
Twitter: @lilmissmel
Instagram: @icantbelieveitsnottumblr

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