Thursday 6 August 2015

I Survived!

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It's funny, (in the completely unhilarious kinda way) that whenever we hear someone say 'I survived', we usually think along the lines of cancer, shark attack, alien abduction or something else of that magnitude. We never tend to think that someone is lucky to have survived the day and not been in some kind of humongous peril.

Sadly however, this is the case for so many people when it comes to things like mental illness and yet very few people speak up about it.

No thanks to society, our problems have been belittled to a point where if it isn't life threatening and an obvious/easily fixable thing, then we don't think or talk about it.

There's also this notion that there's a 'one size fits all' approach to life, which doesn't help anyone and will hopefully be weened out in the coming generations and replaced with understanding, acceptance and most of all, love.

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I've seen a few quotes and posts on Instagram which are aimed at people who struggle through life on a daily basis simply with the words 'it's okay if the only thing you did today was breathe'. I don't know about you, but I find that incredibly powerful, profound and really makes you think how lucky you are that that isn't something you even need to think about. Yet for some, that's all they do.

When I think back on my life, depending on my mindset, I'll feel tinglings of pride for what I've overcome. I haven't had cancer, been attack by a shark, been cornered and assaulted by someone, abused or anything else that would be considered newsworthy. Yet my life has been far from easy and I'm still here today, writing this post. Can I get a WOW or even an AMEN?!!

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I survived all of my schooling experiences to the point of graduation.

I survived essentially a lifetime's worth of bullying by way of verbal and emotional abuse.

I survived continuous neglect, isolation, and feeling ignored.

I survived (and am still surviving) low moods, depression, extreme anxiety.

I survived toxic friendships and relationships to the point where I've been able to rekindle them and find myself much happier the second time around.

I survived my first job in the food industry. (It only lasted 3 months but that's still an achievement)

I survived my first job after finishing high school. (Just over 2 years in employment as an Office Manager).

I survived constant emotional abuse and borderline verbal abuse from a previous employer. (No amount of knowing that he means well underneath it all will ever make it okay).

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I survived my first counselling session at Headspace.

I survived my first therapy session. (Still going, 5 years this year, woot!)

I survived growing up in a household heavily impacted by mental illness and not knowing how to deal with it.

I survived my childhood.

I survived my teen years. (Just!)

I survived my suicidal thoughts.

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I survived 2 spinal operations to correct severe Scoliosis.

I survived my lung collapsing and spending a weekend in Intensive Care.

I survived my first night moving out of home.

I survived the 3rd move I've done in my life. (Still loving where I am).

I survived some ridiculously heartbreaking times in my life.

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I survived my first solo holiday.

I survived my first plane ride.

I survived my first driving lesson.

I survived the first crash I had in my brother's car. (Bumper damage only, but it shakes you up a bit).

I survived the first dent in my beloved car. (Some lady ran into me at a roundabout).

I survived my first online dating meetup. (He wasn't a creep or anything).

I survived my first day at uni.

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I survived my first year at uni.

I survived my first long distance drive. (Sydney to Blue Mountains is a fair trip if it's the furthest you've ever driven).

I survived my 2nd and current job. (3 years and counting!).

I survived the sudden loss of my mother and her funeral.

I survived yesterday.

I'm surviving today, I'll survive tomorrow and every day after that. Because that's what I do.

I survived, so can you!

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