Tuesday 10 February 2015

The Marilyn Effect: Awakening The Succubus Within

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I was never a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, although I was curious about her legacy and what made her, her.

From memory, I was randomly searching people on Wikipedia out of boredom and read through her page and was fascinated by her and the life she'd lead.

She was absolutely gorgeous, naturally, but knowing how her life started out and how troubled it was, I felt a connection to her. She created a persona for herself which had the world enthralled, but I think it was ultimately to cover up the fact that she wanted so desperately to be loved and have a real family, but didn't know how to make that happen in a world where people paid for everything, including love.

I started collecting memorabilia of hers, mostly just small postcard sized posters which now cover most of my bedroom door. I've noticed that the resemblance my dad's sister and late mother bare to her is quite remarkable, well at least I think so.

I've yet to read the life story of hers as published by Donald Spoto, but am fascinated to learn more about her. Her life, her loves, her passions, and basically how she did the Marilyn thing which still captivates millions worldwide.

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I recently started watching the series Lost Girl which is centered around the story of Bo, a succubus who grew up in a foster family completely unaware of what or who she was, and after sucking the life force out of her boyfriend, ran away from home leaving a trail of bodies in her wake in order to feed her insatiable hunger.

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Not only is she described as incredibly attractive, but she has the ability to make any man want her...before she sucks the life out of him, literally.

Kinda sounds familiar, huh?!

Not that I'm implying that Marilyn was capable of doing such a thing, she isn't exactly a mythical creature (that we know of), but she was just as confused and uncertain of herself and her life as Bo is, until she finds people that know her back story and fill her in as needed.

The biggest thing I've gained from reading/observing the 'Marilyn effect' as well as religiously watching Lost Girl, is the message of empowerment, but also of male mental slavery. Knowing that with just a look or a touch you can make any man (or woman) not just fall for you, but essentially become your slave.

I know it's sounding very dominating female and power hungry kind of thing, but considering the background I came from where I felt almost ashamed for having womanly attributes and so went out of my way to cover them up, it's an incredibly liberating thing for me.

But, as they say, 'with great power comes great responsibility' although they don't mention the loneliness which is part of the package deal too. Marilyn had many lovers and husbands alike, yet none of them could give her what she truly wanted. Bo loses the love of the one man that means the most to her when he sacrifices it in order to save her from her homicidal mother. In one of the last episodes I watched, she tells her sidekick Kenzi after unsuccessfully attempting to woo her man back, "I can make any man want me, but I can't make one man love me".

Similarly, Marilyn knew she could make any man want her, and very many did, but with that came insecurity in not knowing whether they wanted her for her, or whether they wanted her because she was Marilyn Monroe, the supermegasexystar.

I think so much of Marilyn's power came from not only having a great full figure, but her waif-like innocence which gave her a 'dumb blonde' persona, however mistaken it really was. She wanted to be loved and feel secure in that love, so she sought out people who could or at least she thought could give her that, but she also loved being adored by people and reveling in her feminine power as is shown in the plethora of photos of her.

There are many lessons to be learnt from both Marilyn and Bo, about going after what you really want, no matter how simple or basic it is and just really enjoying who you are. Being happy and confident in your own skin, awakening the succubus within.

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