Sunday 10 May 2015

Never Say Never

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How many times in your life have you said something along the lines of 'that'll never happen!'?

Has it? Maybe something close to it, or even worse than it?

The one thing I've learnt about life so far in my own is that anything really is possible and can happen, we just don't expect it to, hence the first question in this post.

I recall a conversation I had with one of my then-best friend a few years ago.

She was a single mother of two young children, having left her husband a few months before we met and being a devout Muslim as the rest of her family were.

She'd always done what was expected of her which included going along with an arranged marriage to one of the members of the mosque who was highly regarded and a friend of her brother's.

Her marriage and life turned into a nightmare that she tried desperately to escape and eventually did.

During this conversation she told me of how mind-blowingly different her life was from just a year ago. She said if someone had told her that she'd be living with her parents and raising her two kids between herself and their father whilst trying to start her life all over again, she'd have thought they were completely insane. Yet there she was doing just that.

I try to make a point of not saying never, unless it's in a joking manner. From the things I've seen and heard from various sources, it seems like a very dangerous word to use, almost as if you're tempting fate and fate says 'challenge accepted!'.

I always thought it would be highly unlikely that anyone in my family would die from something like cancer, yet my paternal grandmother had kidney cancer and my mother most recently was diagnosed with breast cancer. Statistically it's actually more likely than we think, regardless of the type of lifestyle one leads.

In all honesty though, there are things that I've thought would never happen but actually did. I never thought that I'd get over my high school crush, but by the time we graduated I was pretty much over him. I never thought that some of the greatest friendships I'd ever had would dissipate, but they did. I never thought my life would turn out the way it has, yet here I am.

Life is unpredictable at best. Curve balls come in all shapes and sizes. Never could be closer and more mind-blowing than you think. Never say never!

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