Sunday 10 May 2015

That Kind of Love

I was randomly scrolling through my Etsy feed the other day when searching for Buffy items after a colleague mentioned the series in conversation the day before it and I remembered how much a part of my life it was.

As I was scrolling through I found a word quote from Spike, a speech that he delivers to her in season 7 when they're about to face essentially the apocalypse.

The speech is by far the most beautiful and romantic thing I've ever heard or read.

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I think that's the kind of love everyone should have and know that they deserve. When someone sees every single part of you and it makes them love and respect you more, not at their anything, but as a human being and your capacity to be one at that.

While some (possibly my dad) would argue that Buffy and Angel are the best couple on the show, or really that Buffy is better with Angel, I think Spike made the ultimate gesture to her. Epic kudos to Joss Whedon for fantastic character development!

Another example of amazing love is Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls.

Through the entire series Luke always has her back and is the father to her daughter Rory that Christopher wasn't. He goes out of his way to do things for her that seem way too big a gesture to be based just on friendship, but he doesn't pursue anything until towards the end of the series when he finally gets the courage to make a move, albeit after listening to some motivational tapes.

There's quite possibly nothing Luke wouldn't do for Lorelai, no matter how big or small.

I've always loved that pairing because of the pure honesty behind it. He just loves her without fault or explanation. They have their disagreements, but at the end of the day there's still love that doesn't falter.

As I'm sure is quite obvious by now, I'm an incredibly hopeless romantic. I've seen wayyy too many rom-coms and Disney movies in my life time and refuse to stop believing in some kind of happily ever after despite my reservations about marriage. While love and marriage go hand in hand, they aren't mutually exclusive. I've never stopped believing in love and what it's capable of doing.

I think nearly everyone who's ever watched an episode of Friends, or even just knows of the show is a supporter of Ross and Rachel. They are quite possibly the ultimate love endgame.

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Ross, despite his tendency to get married every few years to a different woman, has never stopped loving Rachel. As Phoebe said to him as they were watching his and Rachel's newborn daughter from the nursery window, now they have a baby, if they got back together he'd have everything he'd ever wanted since he was 15. 

That kind of love is what everyone should have.

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