Friday 19 December 2014

Kim Kardashian or Kim Kartrashian?

I must admit I was a bit late to the Kardashian bandwagon. I'm not a terribly big fan of reality TV and don't have any kind of pay TV subscription so to me they were just some more random celebrities for our collective visual entertainment.

The first time I saw a picture of Kim K was in a trashy tabloid magazine and she'd been snapped in a bikini at the beach. My first thought, as I'm sure many people as ignorant as me would think was "Wow, what a body!".

I don't consider myself a shallow person, but being rather curvy myself, it was comforting to see a celebrity who wasn't a stick figure and wasn't apologetic about it either.

I was reading an article yesterday where Demi Lovato said Kim taught her to appreciate her body/assets. I have to agree with Demi. When I was looking into starting a gym membership several years ago, I cited Kim as my body inspiration when the PT asked in the initial consultation if I had any body goals.

The more I've learnt about Kim and her family, the less I like them. I base this solely on media reports which are rarely factual, but since they're basically the most 'direct' source of information, despite how lacking in credibility their 'sources' actually are.

Since I grew up in a family with little money and that valued sentimentality and things that were 'from the heart' more than how much they cost, the Kardashian brand and image doesn't appeal to me in the least. In fact I'll refuse to buy anything Kardashian branded no matter how much I like the actual item.

My greatest confusion over Kim is exactly how she got famous and stays so ridiculously famous and also why she doesn't do more good for the world with the power and influence that she has.

So her father represented O.J Simpson, then she had a few 'high profile' relationships and released a sex tape, I'm sure she's not the only person with similar claims to fame.

I've never had the opportunity to meet her or her family so I can't say whether their public image is how they are in their daily lives, outside of what's shown on camera. (I've only seen small clips of the show but have no interest in watching it further), but from what I have seen, it holds no appeal to me.

If I were in her position, I would be organising fundraisers worldwide and getting as many people involved as possible. I'd be doing everything within my power to give back to those who need it most because I believe it is my duty as a human being on this planet to do so.

She takes selfies of her butt and posts them on social media platform to millions of dedicated followers.

Yes she may have popular assets and be beautiful, but what is she really teaching the world and generations to come? That having money and power and shoving it in people's faces is what they should strive for?

As much as I doubt the credibility of media sources, reading that President Obama and Beyonce have tried to keep their distance from her speaks volumes to me. I'm more inclined to believe that than listen to fake people complain about materialistic problems which are encouraged by the Kardashian brand.

As for a body image icon, my personal favorite as of a year or so ago is Marilyn Monroe. She was considered fat during her time and people had mixed opinions about her, but she's still incredibly popular today. I also feel a connection, or rather a sympathy towards her for how her life was. She reminds me of the women in my family, particular my dad's mother and sister (whom I believe bear a striking resemblance to her at different stages of their lives). From a young age she was left confused and abandoned, in the end all she ever wanted was to be loved and feel secure in her life which I don't think she ever did. She was a wonder, an anomaly and people everywhere loved her because of it.

Kardashians have the kurves, but Marilyn had (and still has) the magic.

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