Thursday 1 January 2015

All About That Class, All That Class

I love walking into fancy places even if I'm wearing something daggy but incredibly comfortable and have $5 in my purse. There's just something extra nice or special about walking through an area or into a store that you know you can't afford anything from unless you're making a six-figure salary.

My family didn't have much money growing up so I was limited to whatever I could scrounge up which meant most things I bought came from discount stores or were hand-me-downs. Don't get me wrong, I still love both of these, they're like a treasure trove of awesome finds. There's just something...defining about shopping in area that's of a higher class or calibre than you're accustomed to. That little bit of luxury everyone loves.

I usually buy my jewelry from Goldmark, maybe Prouds if they're having a sale, or just the usual costume jewelry places and online because there's more variety and I know I can afford it. I was keen though a few years ago and made it a goal before I was 21 to own something from Tiffany & Co.

I went into the Sydney store one day with a friend I'd met through a photoshoot and some of her friends when they were going to chip in and buy another friend something fancy for her birthday. As i walked around the store a few sparkly things caught my eye as you'd expect, although I baulked as every price tag I saw, I wanted to own something from there at some point and gave myself a year to save up for it.

I was incredibly fortunate that my aunt seemed to have been on the same wavelength and gifted me a matching necklace and bracelet set for my next birthday. Needless to say I was thrilled and thanked her profusely and told her I'd been wanting to save up for something from there to which she told me I didn't have to now.

I've never been one to appreciate designer fashions and accessories, I don't like the idea of showing off to the world that I have a certain designer's item in my possession, but there's something different about owning classy jewelry, or more recently, perfume.

It's a little luxury, a bit of spoiling and a hint of congratulations to yourself for whatever reason you can find, not that one is really needed.

When you come from a background where you haven't had much money, it's so much more special to be able to buy yourself, or even be gifted, something fancy or classy. An item with a bigger price tag screams 'I'm worth it!' so by making the occasional purchase for something that you really like that's a little more than you'd normally spend, it's a reminder that you're doing well or even just a boost to your self esteem.

I was in David Jones earlier this week trying to see what I could get with my giftcard I'd won at uni. I don't normally shop there given the heftier price tags and not fully appreciating the workmanship that comes with a quality name brand, but I figured since it was a few days after Christmas I'd see what I could get while there were still clearance sales on. I did pretty well for myself I must say. When I was standing at the checkout and there was hardly anyone around, the lovely sales assistant was putting through my purchases and I got that feeling that I sometimes get and I'm sure other people have felt when they're in a place that isn't where they normally frequent and you feel like you've gone up a level in class because you're standing there making a purchase of a quality product that you've saved a fair bit of money on. Life is pretty good.

If you wanted to indulge in a fantasy you could say you married rich or you work for a high profile company, drive the brand new Lexusmobile and have a house on the North Shore where the average household income is six figures or more. Although it might seem like it on the outside, it's not about the wealth or materialism, it's about being able to provide yourself with the best that life has to offer and really enjoying that, not collecting useless items because they have a designer logo and you want one in every colour to brag to your friends about.

I recently ventured into the fairly new Victoria's Secret store in the city and decided that with my Christmas bonus I was going to buy myself something from there, admittedly so I could show off the bag I knew it'd get with it, but mainly because the brand is uniquely feminine, stylish, classy and sexy. After much thought I settled on one of the perfumes which I really liked the scent of and had a mental tug of war over whether I should spend the money on it or just wait until someone lists an unwanted Christmas or Birthday present on ebay and jump on it. When I returned after the Christmas rush had subsided I told myself to get the smaller bottle of perfume as a treat because dammit, I've earned it! I felt a minor amount of guilt over spending so much money on one item, but let the feeling of liberation and happiness take over. I'd bought myself a Victoria Secret perfume. I was starting to feel like a woman, a feminine and potentially sexy one at that. And it was okay for me to feel that way, in fact it was encouraged!

While we may not be defined by our possessions, a bit of luxury does go a long way, if not physically we can always remember how we felt in the moment we indulged. A touch of class is never crass!

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