Monday 19 January 2015

What Would You Do?

I've been interested in modelling since I was about 12 or 13 and found some photos of a really amateur shoot I did with some friends at my 13th birthday in my parents back yard. It was by no means classy or terribly well done, but it was definitely fun.

Just recently I've decided to continue on with this interest I have in modelling and arranged my first two professional shoots with photographers on Star Now.

The first was done in a park near my house on a fairly hot day so we tried not to take too much time with it. I have developed an appreciation for nature so I was happy to do an outdoors shoot in a rather picturesque area.

The second was done in an area a few minutes train ride from where I live where there's artistically graffiti'd walls everywhere, hence the theme of the shoot. The photographer who took the pictures gave me a few pose suggestions which I did without complaint before leading me to a back alley.

Before you panic, NOTHING bad happened. There was just some really interesting graffiti for me to pose with so I did.

The photographer then gave me a scenario. I'm in a bar and I see a guy across the way that I want to attract the attention of, what do I do?

I was completely stumped. I laughed nervously and told him that I'd never been in that position to hadn't entertained the thought at all. He encouraged a reaction or pose from me to continue in his work so I did the only thing that came to mind, an over-dramatized hand through the hair. I vaguely recalled seeing Alicia Silverstone do it in Clueless when trying to woo her gay boyfriend Christian.

After the shoot was finished I thought about it some more. The photographer suggested I practice in the mirror and when I'm with friends because the more natural it was, the better it would come across on camera.

If I were in a bar and trying to attract the attention of a potential suitor, how would I do so?

My first thought was to panic. My second thought was to assume that they were already taken or just not interested so pursuing anything was completely pointless and a waste of time as my lack of relationship history suggested. My third thought was to make eye contact and flirt or stare him down until he either submits and comes over or gets a security guard and has me kicked out on suspicion of warped mind control. At the very least I'd get a great anecdote from it.

My approach with guys in general has either been to stay a million miles away from them as if they're some kind of alien species as my father would have me believe, or to throw myself pathetically at one particular guy who has no interest in me for whatever reason and have them be the Rachel to my Ross, or Penny to my Leonard.

I'm still learning both how to model effectively and how to be a human being around guys without them suspecting a thing, but it's definitely something that I'm more than willing to experiment with and get further experience with.

Generally speaking though, when you're out and about and someone catches your eye, what would you do to get their attention? I don't think it's something anyone consciously thinks about then acts on, it's more a matter of instinct and really just seeing what works.

Whatever you'd do, do it well and often and just have fun with it!

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