Monday 19 January 2015

A Woman's Way

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I hate society's attitude towards women. I hate the way society treats women. It's like they're simply baby-making objects or excellent marketing focuses and nothing more.

As a woman, I would like to be able to dress in a way that makes me feel comfortable and maybe even a little daring. I don't want to always feel like I need to cover up in an attempt to be modest and so males don't think I'm 'asking for it'.

But seriously, who asks to be assaulted?! It is without a doubt the lamest excuse I've ever heard!

A friend of mine recently posted a status on Facebook about the lack of clothing a woman is wearing and how it makes her a target. While I can understand what she means, this is merely highlighting the problem with society. A male then commented saying that he agreed but the less she wore the more 'fair game' she was. I commented after him with my disgust saying that it doesn't matter how much or little a woman is wearing, unless she is fully sober, consenting and 100% aware of what is to occur, she's off limits. There is no excuse otherwise.

If a woman chooses to walk around naked, that's her prerogative. That is not, by any stretch of the imagination, an invitation for sexual assault. If a man is aroused by seeing a naked woman, that's his problem, not hers.

Another friend posted a similar comment to which I responded saying how I hated that a woman alone in public seems to translate to 'hit on me'. If a woman is alone in public, leave her be! It doesn't seem to occur to men that maybe women enjoy being out, dressed all fancy and indulging in their own company. It's one thing to casually chat to someone at a singles bar, but if a woman has put herself in a position where she and her body language is indicating that she doesn't want to be disturbed pending an emergency, that's what she wants. It's not an opportunity for men to interrupt her evening in order to satisfy their ego.

The men I refer to here are the sleezy ones, the ones that are predatorial and won't take no for an answer. If, of course, you engage in civilized conversation with a woman who has prepared herself for an enjoyable solo evening on the town and she wishes to converse with you, great! If not, stop forcing yourself on her and talking to her until she responds. If she's not interested, let it go and move on!

I wanted to make plans to have a girls night out at a classy bar not too long ago and wanted to by a nice outfit for the occasion. Something that would show off my womanly curves because I don't want to feel like I should A) hide them or B) be ashamed to have them. The more I thought about it, the more it made me want to stay home instead because in my experiences with nightlife, any dressed up girl with invoke inappropriate behavior from males which they can somehow deem acceptable.

I was talking about this with a close friend a few nights ago as she was detailing having dinner by herself in the city whilst waiting for her boyfriend to finish work and she was wearing a low-cut top and feel incredibly uncomfortable by a guy sitting across from her and leering at her. I completely sympathized with her frustration. A woman should never be made to feel uncomfortable for wearing something that makes her feel comfortable, nor should she ever be made to feel ashamed for essentially being a woman and having womanly attributes regardless of how aesthetically pleasing they are to men.

On another somewhat relevant note, the same thing goes for abortions. If a woman isn't ready to have a child regardless of how she got pregnant, if she doesn't want to keep the child for whatever reason, that's her choice.

For the people that say 'it's her fault, she got herself pregnant', I'm not entirely sure how that's possible. It takes 2 people to create a baby, she was one, and the idiot denying responsibility for ejaculating into her would be the other. Women are not asexual, therefore they cannot reproduce with themselves which makes the aforesaid statement impossible.

If a woman, or even a couple finds themselves pregnant but aren't financially stable or maybe they just don't want kids, that is entirely their right to terminate without judgement from 3rd parties whose business it has nothing to do with.

So many societies and cultures around the world seem to be denying women so many basic rights as if they're nothing more than objects or commodities. Women are human beings that should be respected and treated as such.

Society needs to sort out it's priorities. Men need to stop thinking with their genitals.

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