Friday 16 January 2015

Excuses, Excuses!

I'm stuck in a fitness rut at the moment. I'm happy with my body in terms of acceptance, but I'm not really liking the extra weight I've accumulated over the past few months and years.

My normal exercise routine includes a 45-minute dance class once a week and walking as much as I can, even if it's just to the shop or station and back.

I had a gym membership last year which I was pretty happy with until it sent me broke. I couldn't really justify $30/week even if I did enjoy the classes.

Given that I have back problems, the best type of exercise would be something like swimming which I'm hoping to get into a bit more this year, but lack the full motivation to go out and do.

I've tried Yoga and Pilates which were relaxing although probably not completely suitable to my condition. I do want to go to a few more classes though if only for the mental clarity and muscle strength.

My biggest problem is motivation as well as funds and sure, I'll throw time in there as well. I've yet to find an exercise or type of exercise that makes me want to drop everything and join in. I'm not sure there's any kind of exercise capable of doing that when you're 'genetically lazy'.

Like most people, I work during the week and don't get home til after 6pm and prefer to sleep an extra half hour or so instead of getting up and going for a jog.

I bought myself some gloves and mitts for kick boxing even though 3ish years later, they're still in their original packaging under my bed collecting dust. I did quite enjoy kick boxing when I was at the gym, although whenever I partnered with someone our energy or fitness levels never quite matched.

I thought, rather than join another gym which I'll probably tire of before the probationary period is over, why not purchase a gaming console and some kind of dance game and motivate myself?!

I'm still keeping an idea in my head for it, although I haven't reached full motivation capacity as yet so keep making excuses not to purchase one. To be fair, even a second hand gaming system will set you back around $200 or so, and when you've got rent and other bills to pay and aren't 100% into the idea, it's a fair bit of money to splurge on a maybe.

Maybe I just don't like the idea of exercising. I've always hated sweating, that itchy feeling you get when it runs down your face or body, wanting to shower the second the exercise is finished and let's not forget the smell!

I've also wondered if my lack of motivation has to do with my own sense of self-worth. As if denying myself or more accurately, my body, the exercise that it needs to function properly is a way of saying 'I don't deserve this' or 'I am not worthy'.

It could also be that I like to cram so much other stuff into the days and times that I'm not working that making the effort to go out and exercise seems like it could be better spent doing something
I actually enjoy and hopefully I'll have done incidental exercise from it.

There's also the whole doing it solo thing. I've been told that studies have shown exercising in a group environment works better than doing it by yourself. That may be true, but the times when I did do group exercise I just kept thinking it was so simple that I could do it at home and save myself the money. It never happened though.

Since my job entails sitting at a desk, as I am now, for nearly 8 hours a day (if you subtract the times I get up to do errands or just walk around the office), not a lot of exercise gets done, unfortunately. I know I could google various seated exercised for both work and home, but the idea of that doesn't interest me, I highly doubt looking them up will make me more likely to do them.

I'm still looking for something to pique my interest though. I might even end up doing a bit of everything until I work out what suits me and my lifestyle best. I love dancing, kick boxing is fun too, the stretching in yoga helps with my back muscles and pretending I'm a mermaid while I'm swimming will never get dull. Any excuse will do!


  1. Urgh sometimes I feel so unmotivated as well but it all comes down to your state of mind. I find that having a goal you want to reach will inspire me to do more and achieve what I want. Worth a try (:

    1. Hi Angela, I know what you mean. Having 2 rolls of fat touching every time I sit down is motivation enough for me. I'm feeling inspired by the lady who created The Clothesline Diet to get a decent pedometer and just walks laps around my office at work. At least it's something. :-)